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October 31, 2002

halloween party

can you imagine me with a long blonde hair?

well, neither can i... that is, until yesterday... our department decided that we should do a group costume and became the VH1 Divas... for some reasons they decided that i should be christina aguilera (!), even though i insisted that i should be bjork instead. they said bjork is not a VH1 Diva, so of course, being the true team-player that i am, i had to get a blonde wig in the end (yeah yeah, laugh all you want).

we ended up winning the best group costume for the evening with our m-a-h-rvelous outfits and custom-made silver microphones (well, it was actually a tie with the production dept, who all dressed up as the seven dwarfs, complete with the funny hats and beards).

but the best part of the whole thing i think is definitely the WIGS! almost everybody was wearing a wig in various shapes and colors...!

anyway, here are the divas, plus three of their "american idols" companions (one of them is the director of my dept the one with the funky red wig)... the divas are: shania twain, tina turner, diana ross, elton john, cher, pink, and christina aguilera. see if you can tell which one is which...


October 23, 2002

this is exactly why...


the reason why i desperately want to move to somewhere sunny like california...

October 22, 2002


excuse me
but i just have to explode
explode this body off me
wake-up tomorrow brand new
a little tired
but brand new


October 21, 2002


it's definitely not easy to go back to the cold harsh realities that is boston after spending days under the warm bright sunshine of florida and playing with waves on the beautiful white sand of south beach... sniff.. sniff... so sad...


anyway, here we are in universal orlando... the poor little photo booth was barely enough for 4 of us...

October 16, 2002

who i am...

In the complete chaos and confusion
of my perpetual search for myself,
quite unexpectedly, I ended up
finding God instead.

And only then,
that I finally found

October 15, 2002

beyond words...

why bali? :(

October 09, 2002


arrrghhhhh!!! i need a clone!!!

October 04, 2002


brought to you by k10k...

it's the perfect representation of my feelings and frustrations today, the only difference being that "the client" in my situation is this power-crazy woman, who has absolutely no concept of time-management, but has this permanent delusion that she is a designer by nature and is totally obsessed with the idea that everything should be made bigger, bolder, and red. so you see, i'm just totally screwed. x(

highlight of today: just found out that underworld produced a new album called: a hundred days off... i think i might go and get it today...