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back to reality

it's definitely hard to get off the post-holiday denial. i need more sleep! the gray sky, icy rain and dropping temperature are not exactly helping my mood, either. at least there are not too many things to do at work yet. but i probably wouldn't be as lucky in the next few days.

for those who asked, hawaii was great; blue skies, warm weather, and it's always nice to spend time with family. the new year's eve cruise was kinda disappointing, due to a very bad dj and the fact that the boat only circled around for a few miles. but at least we got a pretty nice view of the fireworks at midnight. on new year's day we decided to drive down to nyc and spend a night there, cuz it's only thursday (most of us had friday off), and we were bored. so that was fun. saturday and sunday were pretty relaxing... just talking and reading, basically.

so how was your holiday/new year celebration?

i've been wanting to add a new section to this blog for the pictures i took with my camera phone. i've been so very uncontrollably trigger-happy with that phone lately, so might as well put the pics up as a daily or weekly photolog...

anyway, here are some links for today: new edition of born magazine is out, and david carson has some new stuff. oh, and did anybody remember the "all your base are belong to us" phenomenon a few years ago? well, here's the video... hee hee...


yaaahh ke nuyok gak bilang2.. kan gue padahal libur (meliburkan diri sih tepatnya) pas hari jumat.. it was my bday anyways.. :D

yay, udah balik lagi (balik ke blog, maksudnya).

i second the camphone photoblog idea! go for it :)

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