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these days

ok, enough with the depressing entries. i was reading through my blog yesterday, and goodness gracious, there hasn't been any happy ones for months. well, it hasn't really been all bad. i did have fun once in a while: ever since i've been back in indonesia, i've been to bali a couple times, watched mtv vjhunt, joe millionaire, miss asean and indonesian idol live (with vip invitations! :P heheh... one of the perks with working for this company, is that you get a lot of these invitations to such events), met old friends and gone to nice lounges (some with really great live jazz performances and tasty martinis), and of course, had lots and lots of great indonesian food, the one thing i sorely missed while in the u.s! :D

oh, and i finally got my own dialup connection at work. this greatly improves both my work life (as i no longer have to wait as long for any web page to upload on my screen — network connection at work really sucks) and my social life (as now i can catch up at last with friends i hadn't talked to for months on ym).

at work, things are really hectic these past few weeks, which is good cuz i'm usually happier when i'm busy and productive. i also bought the sixth book of harry potter: the half-blood prince on july 16th, right when it came out. i read it through in about 4 days, after which i got kinda sad cuz that meant i got more waiting to do for the seventh book. but rumor has it that the next book will come out at the end of the year... hmm, wonder if it's true?


Hey, d, nice to know that you're settled at work and having some fun. :)

wah, harry potter yg baru gue belom baca tuh. how was it? kamu kerja dimana sih, des? gue denger di martha tilaar. any relation? i bet you get asked that a lot, hehe

GF missed you deh :D

OOT I think I saw you in Final Indonesian Idol :)

iya nih des, we miss you di GF deh... come back soon... :)

i miss you des, rencana ngedate gagal mulu :(

hey, i missed you guys at GF, too... one of these days, i promise (!!!) i'll be visiting :D

...trusss kapan donks kita ngumpul ngopi2 lagi???

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