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annoying people

god, i hate hypocrites! why is it so hard just to be honest? don't say one thing and then do the opposite. don't say you don't like to drink when the last time you get wasted on alcohol was just a couple days ago. don't go on accusing people when you can't look in the mirror and see your own flaws.

and these girls you see everywhere, flirting shamelessly to any guy they think they could take advantage of, all with the exact same hair-tossing, sideway-glancing, teasing smile, and lots and lots of touching. disregarding the fact that the guy already has a girlfriend, or worse, a wife.

or all these ass-kissing, sweet talkers who seem so genuinely interested in your well-being but won't hesitate to stab you from behind when you're not looking.

god, i sound so bitter. maybe it's just pms, or maybe i'm just too fed up with all these fakeness around me.

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