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it all started here...

one ordinary saturday night in boston, december 12, 2003, around 11pm, 307 beacon street apartment 4. a few bottles of wine, a stack of playing cards, instructions written on pieces of torn papers, five extremely bored people with nothing else better to do. a knock at the door from the neighbor downstairs at five in the morning. did you see cnn? saddam hussein was finally captured. by the way, please keep your noise down, i can't sleep. the first in a series of increasingly crazy dare games that resulted in an increasingly complicated dark comedy of six people tangled in a weird quagmire. east coast, west coast, jakarta, bali. how do you stop the itty bitty flake into becoming this huge snowball that continued to spin out of control until eighteen months later? the curse of time, the cosmic karma, what can you say, it's just life.


Hmm .. where was I when the news of Saddam's capture broke? 5 AM EST? Oh, right. I was on a red-eye from Charleston to Detroit, on my way to return home to Jakarta. I didn't know anything about it until I was checking in to connect at Detroit. That's about ... 10 AM local time? Saddam's face was on big screens in the lounge.

Oops, sorry, how come I'm talking about me? Just can't help it. :-) Funny to think how we can connect lives by a totally irrelevant event.

I gotta hand it to you Des, you're an amazing wordsmith. I always love the way you put down things indescribable by others, but somehow you can always find the words for it. You should consider a career in writing, you know. :-)

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