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graduate school?

well, i've finally decided that i'm going to apply for the master of education program at BU instead of all my other fantasies of doing a degree in a design school, be it at RISD or Frank Mohr in the netherlands (if any of you read my prev entries, you'd know what i'm talking about).

i figured that you could always teach yourself how to be a better designer and keep up with new technologies if you're dilligent enough to do it. but to develop educational tools, i think you have no other choice than to study in school to get a solid foundation on educational concepts. it's not some trial-and-error thing you can just make up along the way... well, at least not for me.

so, i'm currently starting to work on my application and essays, and am going to start studying for GRE, too... *crossing fingers* i looked at some of the verbal questions yesterday, and they look pretty tricky & scary. you'd never seen some of the vocabs in your whole life! i don't understand why they even bother asking you things that have no practical values whatsoever... i think they just did it because they can. x(

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