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a good day, afterall

it was 3F this morning when i was getting ready to go to work and checked the weather. 3F!!! i immediately called a cab. there's just no fuckin way i was gonna walk to work in this insane single-digit weather.

but today turned out to be a really good day, afterall.

my supervisor worked from home today, and i got the final approval from the big boss to use the colors i wanted instead of the ugly blue my supervisor forced me to use a few days ago. i also got a new project to design some premiums that includes a mousepad, notebook, and various other little things for this new product that we have.

after work, i went to the AIGA show & tell presentation in cambridge with jen's friend, matt. all of the pieces had similar themes: complex data visualization and patterns. one of the presentations was really interesting; it's titled: "The Shape of Song --- What does music look like?". another one demonstrated a type of project management application built in flash and xml that was pretty impressive, and yet another one was kinda intriguing... it was about ambient devices. physical objects existing in our periphery of vision that are less intrusive, but give us information we wanted without requiring much effort. hmmm, i can't explain it properly... go here for more details.

but my favorite was the presentation from wgbh that talks about contextual learning, featuring this really amazing site about the history of world economy. check it out here.

wendy came towards the end of the presentation, and then she drove me home. it's too bad we didn't have time to talk more. she had to go to a friend's place, and was not feeling very well after her trip from indonesia. a few minutes later, evi came by and we chatted for about an hour. she also brought me mg2, episode 9-20! yay! :)

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