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today i've been feeling a very strong urge to write just about anything that comes to mind. i don't know if it's because a) i'm bored; b) i have a lot of things in my mind; c) i'm feeling guilty for not writing in my blog for so long.

it might be the combination of all of the above.

in any case, these past two days i've been obsessed with the idea of getting a master's in the netherlands next year. i already know which program at which university i'll be applying to; the interactive media program at the frank mohr institute in groningen.

why netherlands? i guess i'm just fed up with living in the states for so long. i need a change of scene. a new beginning. something exciting and adventurous and completely new. i've never gone to europe before, and netherlands seems as good as any other place in western europe. plus the fact that some of my mom's relatives are still there, and there are a lot indonesians living there. not to mention relatively easy access to indonesian food.

another supporting factor is that schools in the netherlands are much much less expensive compared to the ones in here. i just need to save more so that i have enough money to ship myself to groningen fall 2004.

by the way, i found this beautiful collection of writings today (most are in indonesian)... check it out.

and speaking of links, try blogfodder when you're sitting there in front of your computer and have nothing to write on your blog.


pls, dont go...

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