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went to see a collection of shorts @ copley after work with ralph... it was sponsored by the boston film festival (just found out about the festival yesterday... and it's ending this week... d-uhh!!!)

there were eight shorts total, but only one that i really like; the scene opened with a woman waking up in the early morning with a guy beside her on the bed. turned out that she had a one-night stand with this guy she met at the bar the night before, and this woman just wanted to get out of there asap, preferrably before the guy woke up... cuz she was actually married.

as she slowly tiptoed to the window, there was this loud crash and a man fell from somewhere above and got stuck on the branches right outside the window. he was making a lot of noise; he wanted the woman to cut the branches so he could continue his suicide attempt... they ended up arguing, cuz the woman just wanted to leave and of course she didn't want to be blamed for assisting a suicide attempt.

to make a long story short, the man didn't die (he actually fell down in the end, but one of his legs was caught on a water pipe or something so he was fine) realized his mistakes and was willing to give it another try with his wife (they had a baby, after all)... the woman who was cheating on her husband finally made her escape from the apartment building and hailed a cab to go home...

i love shorts, it was very similar to reading a comic strip... either they got it on the very first scenes, or they don't.