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blecchhh.... x(

2.5 more hours to go... don't know what to do with myself...
not in the mood to browse (surprise surprise!), nor chat on msn, nor anything that has anything to do with staring at a computer screen! i wanna go to the esplanade and sleep on the grass under the sun... today's a bit cold, but bright and sunny nonetheless...

uhhh... good thing tomorrow is friday!


had a nice farewell dinner for willy last night at my new apartment... what an improvement! i had 10 people total in my studio and it didn't really feel that crowded at my old place, it was already uncomfortable with just 4 people!

my rendang was quite a success (thank you indofood! :P), and the duck willy had brought was delicious! thank God my fussy neighbor downstairs didn't complain about the noise... i was practically shooing everybody out of my apartment by 11:30 because i was worried he's gonna show up at my door (again!)... :(

should remember to get plastic plates and cups for next time, though... cuz i just found out last night (when it's already too late) that i didn't have enough plates and glasses for everyone... so people had to eat out of plates and glasses of various sizes and shapes... how embarassing! my excuse was that i just moved and wasn't completely settled in yet... :P


i am so very bored.in collage,no bird,headache,not allowed to rehuse with band...help

rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rai

yeh im bored too

rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rai

aaaaaaahhhhhhh just might have to die, i have no life!!!!!!!!!! none what so ever! aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

heh i was so bored i wrote boredboredbored as a link and i got this... but i'm still really bored!!

haha i was in a psycho bored mood 2 so i jus typed boredboredbored in2 google and WOW deres a whole boredboredbored cru out here! im not so bored nemore...!

i actually wrote boredboredbored too so just thought id join my fellow bored collegues!!


I just can't shut my pie hole.

hidee ho, i was nuf bord n typed boredboredbored in n wow im amazed we ave a bordem crew!!! jks, luf it, now im amused for a wile! x post anufa postag tingi soon!! me aka lora x

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