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Go Red Sox!

after 86 years, boston red sox finally beat new york yankees and took the championship of world series! they swept clean 8 games in a row! the curse has been reversed!


des, i still can't believe you finally got sucked into this. this is weirder than red sox winning the world series itself! LOL. wear that damon t-shirt next time. ;)

Des...i forgot there's a red soxer in here...hehehe..cardinals sumpah deh tuh bapuk beneerr..masa 4-0 sih..huhu..

lhoo gue barusan udah comment kok nggak keluar yah. Anyway..congrats des..i forgot there's a red soxer in here. Cardinals payah niih..something is wrong with them..masa 4-0 sih..huhu...kasian orang2 yang udah bela2in nginep untuk beli ticket game 5, 6, 7 dari sebelum world series mulai.

yay! go red sox!

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