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it's only wednesday

annoying little things today:
it's snowing again / my new haircut is too short / my blog was spammed by 236 comments last night (aaaaargh!!! die spammers!!! die!!!) so now i have to upgrade to the new version of MT with the risk of breaking things in my blog while installing it / i have waay too many projects going on at the same time right now.

but on the bright side:
i finally have more RAM installed in my computer at work (about time!) / yesterday after i had a haircut, my hairdresser gave me a gift card that i could use to get any service in the salon for free, so i picked the 80 minute 'la stone massage,' a fancy schmancy $145 massage which i would never get otherwise. so even though sometimes she's too enthusiastic in cutting my hair, i still love her to death.

update (1:33pm):
i've upgraded MT and installed this nifty little plugin to delete all 236 comments in one easy step. whew! :)


yeahh.. back to normal...

hehehe... not quite. but yeah, almost... :)

250 comments thrown back in this world, how cruel thee are ! :)

14 comments too many, how cruel of me !.. its working fine... :)

thanks for stopping by again, ghostdancer! :)

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