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can you believe this weather? translated to celcius, it is -11C, but feels like -21C! and it's going to be even colder tomorrow... i don't even wanna think about how i'm gonna have to walk to work tomorrow in that icy wind... hmm, maybe i could just cab it? oh, why did i ever have to move to new england?

on a slightly better note, i bought another thievery corporation cd from amazon, and pre-ordered the harry potter 5 book to console my winter blues... but "order of the phoenix," that's the name of the 5th book, wouldn't come out until june 21st. well, i've already been waiting for 2 years now, so waiting for another 6 months shouldn't be a problem...

i'm submitting my annual performance review today... i guess we'll see what happens... but i'm really hoping the bonus wouldn't be taxed that much... rumor has it that tax for bonuses will be about 40%... yikes... i really wanna get a digital camera. i'm eyeing the nikon coolpix 4500... sweet, eh? so cross your fingers for me and hope that there will indeed be a bonus in 3 weeks...

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