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September 13, 2005

sun in gemini

i'm so incredibly bored and not in the mood to work today. not sure why...
anyway, i found this astrological quiz while browsing aimlessly on the web, and here's what it says about me:

"When Desiree was born, the Sun was in the sign Gemini, the Observer. Desiree may never lose her capacity to be amazed by life on this mysterious spinning ball that we inhabit. She brings a fresh eye and a marvelous open-mindedness to relating, and prefers curious, questioning, lively and communicative partners. There's a great Geminian need for new and fascinating experiences. As the novelist Shirley Jackson once said when advising aspiring writers how to engage their readers, "Give them something to wonder about."

Desiree does best with a partner with whom life is more interesting than it would be if she were alone. However, if she isn't taking enough responsibility for creating an intrinsically interesting life, she may erroneously assume that the partner is to blame for boring her."

heheheh... i think some of it are very true. i do need to be constantly amused. otherwise, i get bored and cranky. like today, for example... :P

oh, and if you haven't already, go get an account at kinja and get all your favorite feed on one convenient little page. here's mine...