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June 30, 2004

michael moore, concerts, gmail and death valley

went to see michael moore's fahrenheit 9/11 on saturday. it was the 4pm show (which is usually pretty dead), and the theater was fully packed to the last front rows. the shows afterwards were sold out. amazing! and all this happened almost without any advertising! after the film's pre-screening in a few select theaters, it got so much coverage from the media, and everyone's talking about it. and it just went boom! when the film opened last friday.

my reaction to it? it was a good, intense documentary, i liked it. i especially liked the cuts between the scenes. my favorite was the britney spears one. heheheh... i just didn't really like the personal attacks and jokes on bush's expense. i mean, i'm not crazy about bush either, but some of the jokes were just gratuitous.

went to see sting & annie lennox concert last night. sting rocks! i loooove this guy! he mentioned about fahrenheit 9/11 and some of the audience booed and hissed only some clapped their hands enthusiastically. i guess sting's fans last night were, interestingly, mostly pro-bush republicans... hmmm, who knew?

i'm going to see chicago and earth, wind & fire tonight, and then madonna tomorrow night. for some reasons, most of the summer concerts this year fall into the same week. heh, talk about concert-spending spree!

on another slightly geeky note: i got to use the beta version of gmail! thanks to thomas who is kind enough to send me an extra invitation, and for avianto, who's persuaded thomas to send it to me.. :)

anyway, on saturday a bunch of us went to have brunch, and guess what! i got another birthday gift! this time it's from miss w. a framed picture of me taking a picture in death valley, as you can see below. nice eh? :D


June 14, 2004

another year older

i'm gonna start saying that i'm 22 from now on, and just see how long people would actually buy it... if they buy it at all, that is... :P funny thing is that i still don't feel older or more adult than i was 10 years ago. not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing... in any case, i think i should make a greater effort to be more mature and responsible, both to myself and other people (clapping sounds in the background)...

so how was the d-day itself? it was sunny and warm on saturday, perfect for a bbq by the river. there were chicken satay, gado2 and perkedel jagung. the only thing missing was ice cream and oh, a cake, but we're too full anyway to worry about it. afterwards, we played uno and went rollerblading. i got a frisbee with a poem written in a circle behind it, a cute green handbag, and a coolpix 8700 as birthday presents (yes, you can be jealous if you want to :P).

so, to summarize: good food, good friends, nice weather, beautiful location and cool presents made for one great birthday! :)


frisbee.jpg   almost_fell.jpg

June 01, 2004

still there...

it comes in waves
in short and long intervals
but it never goes away

the slippery path of
the uncertain grayness
and the jittery blue

sometimes it hides
and tricks you to think
that it's gone for good
disguising itself as a happy orange.

but then it comes back
when you least expect it.

sometimes it can swallow you whole.