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June 16, 2003

monday blues

has there been any scientific research done to explain why monday always sucks, almost without exception?

it's cold again today... the temperature has dropped from high 70s to the low 50s, accompanied by some even colder breeze. and then i got multiple [read: four] projects to work on today, all of which have to be done by wednesday, cuz i'm flying to L.A. on thursday for a vacation (yay!!! for the vacation, not the projects)

during lunch break, i went to dew's site, and saw her latest posting about ano leaving... which is really a sad thing, since i really enjoy his writings and have been visiting his site quite often lately. ano, everybody's guilty of leaving their blogs without updates for weeks, and that's ok. you don't have to quit altogether just because you're super busy now, right? (still hoping ano would change his mind about closing the site)

the only good thing today is boston jazz festival week has started, and there will be a lot of free outdoor performances to choose from every day until sunday.

bonus news:
found out a few days ago from avi that IE is officially dead as of version 6 for windows and 5.2 for the mac. yes, the king of all browsers is finally dead. microsoft will not be releasing any more stand-alone browser in the future; any new and improved version will only come packaged with the latest OS. weird, no?

well, i'm definitely not gonna complain about it, as i so hate (!) IE for mac. all it does is keeps crashing on me! it's time to design for better browsers. afterall, who would wanna wait for everybody on the planet to update their OS sometime post 2005 just for IE7? safari and mozilla (or opera?) might be the answer for next gen browsers. oh my, would you look at those nifty tab-browsing tools! :)

more links about this: from zdnet and webstandards.

June 15, 2003


it's definitely been a while since last time i went clubbing. last time was halloween night at avalon with paul van dyk as the dj. dang! more than 7 months ago! so yeah, i had a lot of fun tonight. it was a blast! we went to trio, the club near south station, to celebrate my birthday (again). some northeastern students were there celebrating their graduations, too. so almost half of trio was filled with indonesian kids. somehow, at some point, the manager came over and took pictures with us girls (strange... what was that all about ?)

i lost count on how many shots i had... they just kept coming... :P
surprisingly, considering that i hadn't been drinking for months, instead of getting wasted, i just got a pleasant buzz that's enough to make me happy and boost my energy, but not strong enough that i can still walk straight on my own, climb the stairs to my apt, and write semi-coherently on my blog right now. :P

tomorrow, umm... i mean, in a few hours, i have to wake up really early; 8:30 am. i promised my cousin that i'm gonna help him move to his new apartment. hmmm... it's gonna be tough... ok, time to sleep now.

June 12, 2003

another year older...

thanks to all my beautiful friends who came by at midnight to give me a surprise party! thanks for the presents, the wine, the cake and a fabulous time! loved the green tea cake! and all those moscato di asti were awesome! (still one more bottle left! maybe for saturday??? *wink2*) but most of all, thank you for being such great friends. love u all! muwachhhh!!! :)

*buat kiki, cecil, gary, wendy, nael, siska, dini, billy, eqwin & lia yg udah susah2 ngerencanain en ngumpul tengah malem depan rumah tetangga nungguin gue yg ga dateng2 :P... also to those who called and emailed, and those at godote's forum... thanks guys!*

:: 10:50 PM ::

don't you just love birthdays? :)
everyone's extra sweet to you for the whole day and goes the extra mile to make you feel special; they give you presents, take you out to eat, throw you a party, send you nice cards & emails and call you long-distance and wish you nice things... even go so far as taking the time to make you rice krispies treats from scratch for your present!

one funny thing to note, is that more than half of the birthday wishes revolved around the same thing: semoga cepet dapet jodoh! hey, what's that supposed to mean? i am not that old yet! i will definitely be taking my time regarding this matter... i'm not in a hurry at all.

the other half of the wishes were more about hopes and expectations for my future, which then reminded me that i do have responsibilities to people of what i become in life. someone told me a while ago that blessings are worthless unless you share them with others. how true.

anyway, it's two more hours before the day ends, and i feel obligated to close it with my own birthday wishes, or goals, to be more precise. they wouldn't be much different from last year, except for a few additions to the list of 'shoulds.' and they are: 1) should have more focus; 2) should be less critical to my own work (specifically during early stages), cuz it would just hinder the whole process entirely otherwise.

there, i made the list. so now we can move on to the more material stuff that would make me happy. afterall, you are what you consume. heheheh... :P

in addition to this lomo camera, i want these things, too. so c'mon and surprise me, people! i'll be open for presents anytime of the year! :P

June 07, 2003

sputnik for souvenir

anybody interested to get yourself an authentic sputnik from soviet? it's up for bids on ebay! read about it here... x)

June 06, 2003

friday five love

ok, so here's another one from friday five...

how many times have you truly been in love?
what's the difference between "been in love" and "truly been in love?" it's either you're in love, or you're not. there's no in-between. so anyway, to answer the question; 4 times.

what was/is so great about the person you love(d) the most?
ummm... i guess the greatest thing about her is that she's my mom! :D

what qualities should a significant other have?
he should be able to connect with me.

have you ever broken someone's heart?
i guess so.

if there was one thing you could teach people about love,
what would it be?

love is not the same as romance. love is a decision.